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The Front Boulevard Garden

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 I have created this post to add a link that will help describe  the front boulevard garden on a new page of my garden old web page.  This is the bench in its nook at the inside of the hedge.  The cedar hedge runs along the property line.  The bench and the rest of the beds on the other side of the hedge are actually on city property.
 Starting from the street you see about ten feet of grass.  The blue muscari bulbs are about 3 feet from the street.  They define the edge of the crocus field.  The muscari bloom later than the crocus.  I mow only the outer 3 feet of grass as the crocus field needs to keep the leaves to harden off the bulbs.  This grass gets quite high by about July when the crocus leaves are turning brown and it can all be mowed.
 The yellow crocus bloom first, but at the time of this photo there is a good mix of color.  This photo was taken on March 6, 2009.  But it does depend on the weather each year for the time of bloom.
 A later blooming of the crocus field with no yellow ones left in bloom.  When I started this crocus field I think I planted about 50 bulbs.
This photo is from March 2008.  I think it is the first year of bloom for the crocus field.

 This is a photo from October 11, 2014.  This is the grass frame and the rectangular bed on the west side or our driveway side of the boulevard front garden.  The cedar hedge has been trimmed level at the top at a height of about 12 - 14 feet.  You see the grass frame, then the bed that goes right across this front garden.  Next to this strip bed you see the small honeysuckle hedge that details the edge of the rectangular beds and the cedar hedge.  In this corner you see a new French lavender under planted with thyme.  The michaelmas daisies are in bloom.  On the other side of the little honeysuckle hedge you see the peonies getting some Autumn color, and the veronica that is finished blooming.  There are other perennials in these beds, each plant adds some interest to the beds throughout the year.
 This photo shows the other side (the east side) of the front boulevard garden.  You see the grass frame going up the east side of the front garden.  This grass belongs to the neighbors on that side.  And, like on the other side there is the front strip of grass with the crocus field, then the garden bed strip that goes across the front.  This corner has the purple plum tree in bloom.  It is under planted with pussytoes and a lychnis with silver leaves.  There are more perennials in this area, including a red current bush, and  black eyed susans.  The bridal veil spirea is also in bloom.  As on the other side there is a rectangular bed planted with perennials.  The little honeysuckle hedge continues up the side of front garden and continues along the top curved grass path as a boxwood hedge.
 This shows the entire front of the boulevard garden with some autumn color, and layers of plantings with the star of the show being the liquid amber tree in bloom, behind the hedge.  The driveways on each side of the garden also add some symmetry to the design.
 This is the front before I had the Davey Tree guys top the cedar hedge to a level height.
This is the grass frame that goes along our driveway, past the front boulevard garden and is interrupted by the bed with the magnolia tree, the bamboo, some heathers, irises,  michaelmas daisies the cement vase and a few other perennials.  At the bottom left corner of the photo you see the beginning of the grass path that is the curving frame across the the top (next to the house) of the entire front garden.

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