Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tall Bearded Irises, yellow water iris and a reflection in photoshop

 The tall bearded irises began blooming in mid May.  They are mostly finished now.  I should dead head them and divide them as they are getting took thick.  They have had good foliage this year, though.  I went over the names of the iris I had planted years ago.  I think this one is Indian Chief.  It is in the back cutting garden, next to the herbs.
 A nice stand of Indian Chief along the drive way strip.  I must see about giving Sheila some of these when I divide them. 
 Indian Chief has quite a few blooms on each stem.
 This all dark blue one might be Indigo.  The blooms on this one are so heavy that they flopped over the driveway.  They will need staking.  I had a bloom from the dark, almost black one earlier, but did not get its photo.  I think the black one is called Ebony and it is in the front garden next to the sun dial circle.
 Another along the driveway strip.  This all yellow one might be starring Roll.  I have better photos of this from other years.  It lights up the garden and contrasts nicely with the green of the cedar hedge behind it.
 This is the water iris in the water feature in the woodland.  There are quite a few of these plants in bloom and they are looking quite spectacular in their setting.  I have this water tub set on top of the old eucalyptus stump.  The stump is rotting, so I shall need to do some repairs to the base of this water feature one year.  I was happy to find that there IS a fish in the tub.  Elvis, the fish, that lived in the water tub on the deck disappeared this year.  I have tried to get fish from Cannor nursery, but they are in quarantine.   So, I just brought back a bronze fennel that I am going to plant in a tall pot until it gets a good root system.  I saw a swallowtail butterfly in the garden and a couple of them in the park, so I need this fennel for them to lay their larvae to eat.  I need lots of fennel in my garden.  It will look good along the pond edge too, when I get rid of the nasty bluebells. 
I tried a very good tutorial on how to create reflections with photoshop.  I have put a link to this tutorial in the side bar.  In doing the exercise, I learned more about layer masking, the gradient tool, and much much more.  My reflection is not perfect but this is sooo cool to do.

On Saturday  I had left my deck door open while out gardening. I came back in and was on my computer for a while when I heard this great crash somewhere in the house. Scared the hoo hoo outta me! The table cloth had been pulled off the table in the dining room and the flower vase spilled water. By this time I was having fits. Then I heard this great mournful cry from the living room!  OMG!  There was the villian! The most gorgeous black fluffy cat! Its eyes were as big as saucers. I don't know who was more scared, the cat or I!  I became very anxious to get it out of the house and was throwing newspapers at it to get it to go out. It just kept crying! I finally settled down and talked to it, petted it and shousted it out side. No big allergy effects, just a bit itchy.  Such a lovely cat.  Such a lovely cat!

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