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Springtime is so busy in April... 2014

Recovering deleted posts
 The woodland plants between the garage and the tall cedar hedge are looking really good this year.
 This is one of the fawn lilies in the back corner of the woodland area.  I need to get rid of the blue bells that are crowding everything out back there.
 This is the trillium at the front.  I was happy to see the one at the back has survived.  Helen Chestnut says that her trilliums are happy growing in the area of a rotted stump of a tree.  So I will need to add some old rotting wood to my trilliums as a mulch, and hope they like it.
 This is Elvis the fish in the tub garden.  The strange thing beside the fish is a water lily leaf starting to uncurl. The white dots are petals that have fallen off the plum tree.  The whole area under the tree looks like it has snowed when the petals fall.
 The pond is right under that plum tree, so I need to do a lot of skimming to keep some open water.  Despite not having cleaned out the pond for two or three years, the water is quite clear.  These are the water hawthorn that have spread across the top of the pond.  They are really big this year.  There are at least two fish in the pond, and they did seem to be in their reproducing mode, with one chasing the other around like crazy.
A closer shot of the water hawthorn.  They just sparkle against the darker water.  I could not get this one bright enough without losing detail and blowing out the whites in the photo.
All of the photos above are from April.  I am still processing the April flowers.  But I have been getting quite a lot of weeding and things done in the garden.  The grass is mowed weekly or more.  The hedges at the front are trimmed.  The stepping stone path at the back is weeded, and so is the little rockery.  I need to get the blue bells everywhere in the garden under control.  I have the tomatoe, heliotrope, parsley, dill and basil put into pots.  I had the new little lily of the nile plants out in that heat after they had spent all their life inside.  They look at bit stressed.  I hope they survive.  I have about 20 liatris bulbs sprouting.  They should be good in the woodland and in the butterfly garden.  I am going to have lots of milkweed.  Apparently, once they get established they spread pretty fast if they like where they are growing.  Perhaps next year I will have enough to get some monarchs.  I wouldn't mind getting some painted ladies and swallowtails if possible.  I need to get some dill coming up in the butterfly garden and another fennel for the swallowtail larvae.  I have the new lily of the valley plant growing under the deck.  The new bleeding heart plant under the deck is growing nicely.  I have a small douglas fir growing to fill in one of the bare spots in the cedar hedge.  I have a black bamboo that is doing quite well to fill in there also.  I have planted a big hosta but it is taking its time to get growing, it seems.  The moss is slowly spreading and the ferns are too.  I try to keep it watered and moist.  The ferns seem to spread easily.  I have a couple of shrubs that are kinda leggy.  I might remove the skimmia, or try pruning it back more next year. The strawberries are in bloom and the rhubard is growing very well in its new spot.  It needs more compost.  Some of  last year's butterfly/humming bird/cutting garden flowers are up.  Its nice to see the gladiola sprouting up.  I may have to stake them this year.  I have a big pot of bone meal that I should be spreading around on the spring flowering bulbs.

We had two days when the temperature got up to 27.  Now it has cooled to normal temperatures and we have had some nice showers.

The Rock and Alpine Gardeners show and sale was on Friday and Saturday.  i potted up a few plants and took them in on Thursday.  The first time I have done this.  When I saw some other plants just coming in for the sale, I thought they would just be throwing mine out, they were so bad compared to these gorgeous plants.  There were some double white anemone nemerosas to die for!  Unfortunately, I had another commitment and did not take the time to get back to show and sale.  I hope there are photos in the news letter.  

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