Thursday, June 18, 2015

May is looking like June this year

 Photos from the 10th of May.  The Clematis is climbing up the deck and has quite a lot of open flowers now.  I think it is Nelly Moser.
 The plum tree has quite a lot of fruit.  They are growing quickly.  This is a close up using the macro setting on the camera. 
 Here they are in abundance on the branch.  The 'june drop' has started and a few are falling to the ground.  I think there may be a heavy June drop this year.  They seem to be so close together.  I rather like the green against the blown out sky giving me a white background.  There are more figs on the tree this year also.  I do believe this pruning that Pat has done is producing some good results.
 This is the wisteria blooming up at the top of the Western Read Cedar trees.  This wisteria did not have a proper trellis to climb on.  It sent out a shoot and climbed up the cedar trees that now bloom every year.  The original wisteria tree is a now a mere shadow of its former self.  I could not get it pruned to a nice shape so have cut it back to stop it twining around the neighbors trees.  It looks good blooming high up in the cedars. 
 A few nights ago the motion light was coming on.  On the morning of the 10th when I took a look out of the window to see if there was any 'critter' evidence of the motion light, I saw the rabbit in the back grass patch, contemplating the cement bunny.
 The bunny seemed to be a bit bigger than our regular bush bunnies and had some nice colors in its coat.  I did not get it quite as 'champagne' colored as it appeared, but the contrasts in its fur was quite striking. 
This photo is from the 5th, when we had a bit of hail.  This may have contributed to the early demise of the tulips.  The plant on the deck table is now forming leaves.  It is a small willow.  x boydi... maybe.  It has a huge bunch of roots reaching into the copper pot, where there is constantly a reservoir of water for it, I hope.  It grows out of a bunch of moss, that does well with the water, of course.
I have moved the Pendula willow off the deck and into its decorator pot beside the pond.  The decorator pot is about 3 feet high and the willow sits in a tall black pot within this pot.  I have water in the bottom of the decorator pot and more clay soil.  The willow can now stretch its roots through the bottom of the black pot and into the moist soil beneath it.  The other willow that I moved to the pond edge with its long root system falling into the pond is looking really good, with this natural situation for willows.
There have been lots of birds in the garden.  The house finches, in particular, seem to be grooming the trees, the robins in the bit of grass around the apple tree, the towhees like the leaf mulch, there are wrens, and the flicker is heard but not seen, just now.  There has been a rufous humming bird at the feeder and an Anna's humming bird bathing in the waterfall.  There seems to be a bumble bee nesting somewhere near the old compost bin.  When ever I go into the 'woodland' area it seems to do circles around me.  Also in the woodland area, I see the big trillium is finally showing.  The mock orange shrub that is now in bloom has covered the trillium because the shrub is reaching for the sun from under the Japanese cedar.
The lilac is still in bloom in the back garden, for fragrance; and the French lavender is now in full bloom in the front boulevard area for more superb fragrance.  The seem to be a few more bees this year; and there is a duet if not a more, frogs singing at night.  The garden abounds with European wall lizards. 
Otherwise, I am trying to keep up with my bot duties on  I have volunteered myself to congratulate all the winners of Explore and the Contests.  Hopefully Version 2 of the site will be on line soon.  These notifications of the winners of awards will be automatic.  Ohhhhh YEAAAAH!

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May 25. Tweaked the cement rabbit and the nuttal's cottontail bunny and entered it in the Canadian Wildlife photo of the month. The theme is gardening, and the bunny is under urban wildlife category. Wish me luck or come vote for me scroll until you find the photo of the rabbit and vote

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