Thursday, June 18, 2015

July heat wave ... 2014

 This is the water iris at the end of June before we were away on our our trip back to Saskatchewan.
My best water iris was in full bloom at the end of June.
The little campanulas are slowly spreading along the pond edge.  Normally these plants are very invasive, but they are growing here in clay soil and after several years are just getting established.  They are going to be nice filling in between the edging rocks
 This is shooting past the branches of the plum tree at the little rockery where the pinks are in full bloom at the end of June.  You can see that the plum tree is loaded with fruit.  
The southwestern part of Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan were flooded with roads swamped by all the water.  We were unable to continue our trip to Winnipeg because of all the road closures due to the excessive flooding.  There were more than the usual amount of mosquitoes.  This was one of the worst trips I've ever been on.  (Couldn't resist the quote from the Sloop John B).  We saw the dinosaur museum at Drumheller and drove the Kinanski Country loop.  My pictures are not going to be famous or sought after.
We came home to some very hot weather and it continues.  This morning I got out and did a bit of gardening.  The garden is not totally toast.  Rachael was taking good care of it.  I managed to get the iceberg rose clipped back, and the deck plants watered.  Our lettuce is about finished because of the hot weather.  The humming birds are enjoying the montebretia on the deck.  I cannot seem to be quick enough to snap one of them.  
I have signed up for Twitter and am following mostly, news channels.  Hope to get some time to read there.
I have managed to get a few pages uploaded to my old web page to add our trip to the list, and created a couple of new albums I want to do.  Who knows when I will get all of them finished!  The travel page is good for reference of when we went where ever.
There are lots of chores to do on Megashot, so shall go get a bit done now.  
Life is the BEST on the West Coast... just wish it was a bit wetter and cooler.  We should be getting some relief from the hot by the end of the week.

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