Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mid March in the Garden

 The yellow plum tree was loaded with blossoms.  I hope it is wind pollinated as it is a bit early for the bees.  This photo is from March 6th.  All the petals are now falling and the little leaves are coming out.  This was an experiment in using some of my new found Photoshop exercises.  I attempted to add more blur and desaturation to the background. 
 The hyacinths are pleasantly fragrant and do last quite a while.  I really should get more of them planted this autumn.  They are in bloom the same time as the daffodils. Photo from the 9th of March.
 This little windflower was coming up in the cutting garden which is a long reach for the SX60, past tree branches and trees.  I cropped off the shadows from the trees.  I am happy with the focus on the flower through all the stuff.  It took a bit of photoshop exercise, too.  The more I do, the more I learn.  This photo is from March 6th.  The windflowers are now making a good show around the garden.  They seem to spread a bit, but so far I like them to go about the garden.  They do not seem too invasive. 
 The magnolia on a very foggy morning on March 8th.  I do not know how to process for fog, or if I even want to learn how.  This magnolia has now lost most of the petals.  Since the tree is next to the driveway, the fallen petals are decorating the driveway.  When I run the lawn mower they will probably be easily picked up.
 I shoot this lone bloom with the white door of the garage behind it.  Tweaked it some in photoshop and made it a square crop using the crop tool with the dimensions set to the same amount for the height and width.  Not too exciting... rather like an illustration.
This lovely little hepatica is growing in the woodland area.  I moved it out of a patch of moss it was growing in under the deck.  Little did I know at the time, the plant was in the perfect conditions that it likes.  I am trying to establish moss around this one and another one that is growing in shade under a shrub.  I must get another one to put directly into the moss garden.  This one in the woodland does seem to be expanding a bit, so perhaps I can get part of it moved back to the moss garden.

The fawn lillies are showing leaves in the woodland.  The nasty blue bells have sent some of the sprouts up from under the cardboard and leaves I put over them.  I must get out and dig all of them out.... a bit at a time should do it, I hope.  They are so very invasive.  So, too are the species crocus, variety Saxatalis.  They are very colorful, but need to be thinned out also.

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