Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Primulas May 2014

 These photos are from the beginning of April.  The Primulas are still in bloom now.  They are becoming well established along one side of the stepping stone path, and just in front of the rhodos.  This area gets quite soggy in our winter rains, and they seem to thrive on it.   I have one more on the deck in a pot that I might move down along the path.  I think I might add them to the other side of the path also, as it is quite bare right now.  The fig tree will soon be leaved out and it will be shady in that area,  But it should still be ok for the primulas.  I have more of these Primulas along the edge of the old sidewalk behind the old garage.  They seem to grow taller ... perhaps the soil there has less clay content. I add a bit of compost to them each year
Over the last few days I have weeded this path in this area and in the Japanese/Water garden area,  The corsican mint is starting to green up and will soon be looking and smelling heavenly along this path.
I added this Robin to the Photo of the month for May in the CWF... not likely to win, as there are quite a few very nice photos there so far this month.

I have finally managed to get my 'buttons' set so that they work in Chrome.  They worked just fine in FireFox before.   How long will this work until everything gets all changed around ... nothing like new technology to waste your time.  

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