Thursday, June 18, 2015

The pink pots feature

Recovering lost posts
 The pink pots once were house plants.  Since I have reduced the number of plants in the house the pots were liberated.  I am now keeping special plants in them.  The grouping of the pots make an interesting feature in the back garden.  I have leveled them since I did this photo.
 This is the vista towards the pots, over the dry stream and the moss garden from under the deck.  This seems to expand the garden.
 This is the opposite vista direction from the one above.  Shooting from the old sidewalk towards the pots and behind the pots we see the Japanese lantern in the little moss garden area, with stepping stones and Corsican mint in the foreground.
Shooting from under the deck towards the pond.  This vista has changed a bit since I did this.  You can see the pond skimmer in the upper right.  It is a colander duct taped to a bamboo pole.  This pond skimmer has worked very well for many years.  It works rather well to scrap leaves off the moss, too.
The photos were taken on Oct 11, 2014.  Since then I have finished the renovation of the pond paths and edges, as well as moved a few things around in the shade/moss/fern garden under the deck.  The leaves have all fallen off the plum tree, so I should be able to do another cleaning job on the moss and it should be good for the winter.  I am studying my Japanese gardening books to attempt to fine tune the shade/moss/fern garden.

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