Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Columbines... 2014

Recovering lost posts

I love my columbines.  They cross pollinate and self seed all around the garden.  The white one has been in the same place for a few years.  It really shines against the dark green yew hedge.  I have purchased two red ones.  The one in the woodland was overwhelmed by bluebells, but is growing nicely again, now.  I have another one that I have put in the front inner garden where the red of the lychnis needs a bit of help to balance out the strong color spaces in that bed.  Looks surprisingly good with the burgundy leaves of the smoke bush.  If I find another double one I must remember to bring it home.
The roses are putting on a great show in June, and the irises, peonies are helping out.  The French lavendar and thyme is a great combination for color and bloom time.  The plums, apples, figs and grapes are going to be quite good this year.  I have picked about 2 litres of strawberries from the garden.  The crows and other birds have not been bothering them this year.  The runner beans are germinated.  This cooler weather is good for them.  We have been enjoying the lettuce that I have in a trough on the deck. 

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