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Summer in the City #3... August 2014

Recovering lost posts
 The Hippo Bus does a nice city tour as well as the water cruise of the inner harbor.  The land tour has a driver and the water tour has a 'captain'.  Our tour guide was interesting, and entertaining.
 Harbor Air from the Hippo Bus, on a bright and very sunny day.
 On the 8th of August the car clubs were invited to participate for 2 days to show the cars at the Horticultural Center of the Pacific in the "Art and Music in the Garden" fund raiser. This is shooting over the heather garden down to the lower field of the garden where you can just glimpse some of our cars.  In my walk around the gardens I was interested in paths and trails in the garden.  There were some interesting Japanese fences and paths that might work in my 'under the deck' moss and fern garden.  This area of the heather garden looks newly planted.
Earlier this year I planted some liatris bulbs.  This one is in a pot on the deck to add to my butterfly/humming bird area on the deck.  When the montebresia was in bloom the humming birds were feasting on it.  I did not see any other butterflies, until just recently there are flocks of these little skippers on the liatris.

This morning I wasted an hour and half reporting a scam phone call to the anti-fraud center.  how to report a fraud.  I really get annoyed with these nuisance scamming photo calls.  I wish there was some way I could connect any one of them directly to a tracer of some kind.  Well, I will have the information and know how to do this should I ever get a serious fraud happening to me.  The phone number  1 888 495 8501 was, of course, busy, and I was to call back or go to the web page.  The scam quoted West Jet as awasrding me $999.00  for some reason, in a very heavily foreign accent.  I went to West Jet's web page and they are complaining about these scammers using their company name.  These ... %$##@**&##  people are causing all sorts of trouble and loss of time and money for all of us.  I wonder if the Immigration Department of Canada could possibly be a little more selective in who they allow in.  Maybe it is time we slammed the door shut on any more immigrants from anywhere.

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