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October color..... 2014

Recovering lost posts
 Actually, this photo was taken on November 11th.  Pam and Mike were here for a quick visit and left us this lovely bouquet that lasted on into November.  The bouquet sits on the window sill in front of the tree in its full Autumn dress.  I have raked leaves several times, mulched them with the mower and put them over cardboard in the woodland.  I hope to smothered the blue bells that are taking over all of the woodland plants.  They are spreading all over the garden, also.  Chemicals have no effect on them.  There are still some leaves on the tree, and more to rake off the little plants and grass. 
 This is a photo of the smoke bush, that is in its Autumn colors, in October.  The summer color of this bush is a lovely plum color.  A very good bush for the garden. 
 Another photo from October 20.  The water hawthorn has started to bloom again.  It seems to be constantly in bloom.  A few days ago I had raked the moss clean, cleaned up the paths and skimmed the leaves off the pond.  But now, I see there will be more oak leaves to clean up.  We had a few colder days last week with even a bit of snow.  Then we had some wind and more leaves came down.  I still have a few apples on the tree and the culls on the ground.  Maybe the birds will want them over the winter.
 The last clematis flower on October 20.
 The first clematis flower on the same day.
On October 28 the robins came to see if the holly and firethorn berries were ready for consumption.  Last year there were flocks  of robins in these trees on Christmas morning.  They had the berries gone before noon.  The berries were not ready and are still on the trees.  I am hoping for another Christmas morning treat this year.
Quote from the Times Colonist newpaper:
Balmy 17 º breaks Victoria Record
from Times Colonist November 28, 2014
Victoria blasted through its record-high temperature for Nov. 27 on Thursday.  The old record was 13.3 C set in 1946.  Thursday's temperature reached 17 C at 11 a.m. and was a Canadian high.
"We have some tropical flow from the vicinity of Hawaii bringing moisture and warmth across the south coast," said Canada  Environment meteorologist Doug Lundquist.  The record high for the month is 18.3C, set on Nov. 5, 1975. 
Colder weather is on the way.  Temperatures are forecast to dip to minus 2 today and there's a chance of snow flurries on Saturday.
Two days later we had snow and about a week of cooler temperatures.  As I type this we are back to the just above freezing temperatures and light rain.
I have been in the kitchen trying out a new recipe for Sauerbraten.  I made spatzle to have with it, but missed getting some red cabbage to complete the meal.  The Sauerbraten was very tender and very rich tasting.  The day before we had this scrumptious Mousaka.  Of course there are left overs of both.

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