Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our new park in April

 This photo is looking over my front garden, past the bamboo and the cedar hedge to the trail through the park.  It adds quite a nice vista to our property in the winter time.

This is some of the activity in the park across the street from our home.  The parks people put in the paths, took out the srubby trees and planted grass seed.  The plan I saw said they were going to plant a few trees too.  This is the area that had a couple of old homes on it.  When the houses were taken down the space was just left as it was for a couple of years.  I called this area the deer pasture.  Now we see all kinds of activity on the trail.  Before they made the park I had my cedar hedge topped.  It works very well.  We cannot see the road past the hedge but we do see the trail from our front windows.  Soon our front tree will leaf out and we will not be able to see into the park. 

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