Thursday, June 18, 2015

From September Car Events

Recovering lost posts
 There were 35 Model Ts lined up at the Evergreen Aviation Museum near McMinnville, Oregon.  The Can Am tour was organized by the Rankins and the Mclaughlins.  It was a fine tour, well organized and very well attended. We had very warm weather for the tour days.  So, on this day we had our box lunches in the Oak grove at the museum. 
 One of the cars from the tour driving through the countryside. 
I really like the flares off of the windshield brass on our 1912 Torpedo Roadster model T Ford.  This is a photo from the Island Challenge event held in Victoria, BC and organized by Paul and Liz, Bill, Pat and a few people I may have missed.  We had really hot weather for the tour out to Viking Air.  It was a very interesting tour to Pearson College the next day, with the banquet in the evening at Howard Johnsons, the meet hotel.  Jim gave a very good presentation on his collection of Auto hood ornaments and mascots.   

The garden did not get much attention in September.  We did not have rain, until the last few days.  I did manage to get about 50 packages of soup made for easy winter lunches, in September, as well as processed some of the yellow plums into sauce and preserved 40 lbs of the purple plums. 

I have been working on some new pages for my old web site, so that the gardening page will have an annual album for the garden changes, renovations, harvest, etc.  I will be using some of my blog posts in the initial two pages of introduction to the garden, starting (here)

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