Thursday, June 18, 2015


 Cropped to the inside of the Phalenopsis.
This is one of the Phals.  bought at the grocery store.  It is in bloom again, with only 3 blossoms.
 This is last year's phal.  that was infused with bright blue.  The original color is this white.  At the end of January there were 7 flowers open.
 It now has nine blossoms.  I accidentally knocked one off when it was first opening buds, so it should have 10 blossoms, actually. 
 This is the little Phal. with the variegated leaves.  It is nearly finished blooming, but it has been showing flowers for at least 5 weeks. 
 I found this little mini cattleya in the grocery store for $14.00; last week.  It's clean and healthy. 
I have started getting the photos for the August album on my web page resized and processed.  I hope I can get at least one album done this year.  Last year I did July and added yet more pages to the gardening page.  Once I finish the monthly albums, I want to do the annual albums, showing the changes in the garden from year to year. 

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