Thursday, June 18, 2015


 Snowdrops began budding in mid January this year.
 This is the same area as above, on February 10th.  This is in the moss garden.  There are 3 clumps of the snowdrops growing in the moss garden.  Every year I debate whether to move them.  This year I decided to leave them.  I might have to reduce the size of the clumps, though.  The moss garden needs to be cleaned up. 
 The double snowdrops that are by the front step.  They are slightly fragrant and the size of the clump is slowly increasing. 
 The camillia is in full bloom.  Its amazing how long it has carried flowers.  It is not the pretties camillia, though.
By mid January Pat had finished removing this 'strawberry tree'.  It is a kind of an arbutus and was constantly dropping leaves or other bits.  It was also crowding the fig tree on one side and the path on the other side.  This should open the area up for the fruit trees to get more light now.  He has also pruned back the fig tree and has done a very nice job on the apple tree.  The apple tree was completely out of hand.  It now looks much better.  This summer would have been its year to have a smaller crop, so it is a good time to prune it back.  We had hoards of apples last Fall.  We have lots of apple sauce and are eating them fresh out of cold storage.
We have had quite a lot of rain recently and fairly warm temperatures.  The crocuses are all out in full bloom now... pictures soon.

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