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Renovating pond edges and paths... 2014

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 At the end of September I began renovating the path and pond edges.  The little shrubs along the Japanese garden area were being broken because they had grown over the path and were being broken by the traffic along the path.  I moved the path closer to the plum tree.  I took out a little boxwood and lowered the path by a few inches to be level with the pond edges.  The pond edges also seemed to be eroded and the edging rocks were sitting too high and showing too much pond liner beneath them.
 This is a view of the work in progress where I have moved the stone path and the cement blocks path closer to the plum tree.  This expands the moss area under the little shrubs and makes more space along the pond edge.  You can see where I have moved one of the little willows out of its pot and next to the pond edge.  A few days ago I planted dutch iris in this area.  The rest of area will be kept to moss and the little blue campanulas, a decorative clover and maybe just one or two columbines.
 The photo above is from June of this year and shows the little campanulas in bloom, as well as the wulfenia along this edge of the pond.
This is the renovated pond edge, with the rocks lowered a bit and the path lowered also, and moved a few more inches away from the pond edge to give the campanulas more growing space.
 I removed a ratty looking rhodo in this area and have put down these cement blocks with a view to making a sitting spot, but there is not really enough room. Also I have the plastic stepping stone path leading under the deck from here.  So I might just leave it as a 'standing spot for viewing the pond.  The lantern is moved also.  This makes the area less crowded and messy.  I need to fine tune the placement of the lantern, the rocks and the tree stumps.
This shows the dry stream that needs to cleaned up.  All the leaves have fallen off the plum tree so this area is ready to have the stream and moss cleaned up, and fine tuned to create vistas and make the placement of all the elements harmonious.  

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