Thursday, June 18, 2015

The beginning of April

 All of the photos are from April 5th.  This pink primula is doing well and is in a few places around the garden.  The rest of the primulas are now coming into bloom as well.
 The wind flowers put on a good show in early April.  They spread around the garden a bit, but are easy to control. 
 This is the daphne in bloom on the little rockery in the back garden.  Its fragrant and will get bigger over time, 
 The big lily of the valley shrub in the woodland looks very good this year.  It is full of blossoms. 
 One of the anemorella blossoms.  This is an excellent plant in the shade of the old garage.  It now has many more flowers.
This is the polygala chamaebuxus kaminski in the little sundial bed in the front inner garden.  I had lost the name of this plant, until I saw one at the VIRAGS show and sale on April 18th.  This was one of the first plants I got for the rockeries.  Its doing amazingly well in the clay soil.

I was the last person into the sale room, this year.  I found some choice plants, nevertheless.  I found a lewisia and received a lot of good advice on how to grow it.  So, it is now in my little lewisia rockery with about 3 inches of pea gravel around its top.  In the winter I should protect the crown of my lewisias from rain.  The little ones .. I am not sure which ones they are as I have lost the tags... are coming into bloom.  I found another epimedium sulphereum and have it planted into the bed under the nut tree where I have another one coming up with the lovely burgundy leaves now.  I also found another hepatica and have planted it into the moss garden by the edge of the deck.  In this area I seem to have some wild false lilly of the valley growing.  I bought a pink lily of the valley and have it planted across the dry stream from these wild ones.  Would be interesting if they cross pollinated.  I found a double sanguinaria canadensis (blood root) and planted it along the edge of the deck, behind the delphinium, in an old cedar box with the bottom out of it.  The roots should be able to grow into the soil where I have old cement blocks making a little retaining wall.  The blood root likes ph. of 5.5 to 6.5, so the cement shards should have residual lime for it to use.  I have two more precious primulas planted in the renovated area around the pond.

The willow that I moved out to beside the pond is looking very good.  Its roots stretched into the pond like willows naturally do.  I need to get rid of the blue bells on the side of the pond by the waterfall.  They are spreading into the saxifragias along the pond.  We had a few days of sunshine and the pond water evaporated quite quickly, as did the water garden tub on the deck.   We had a fairly good rain last night, but I still need to top up the water in both places, as well as the woodland one.
The tulips are in bloom so should get out and get some photos while they are at their best.

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