Thursday, June 18, 2015


 The grape hyacinths at the edge of the crocus field have been in bloom for a long while.  They are just now finishing.  The white spirea bush is now in bloom.  I shall need photos of it.  The purple plum is also in bloom.  It needs fertilizer.  The grass needs mowing and the hedges need trimming.  Otherwise the front is not too bad.  The pasque flowers (Prairie Crocus) are in bloom, as well as arabis and aubretia.  The daffodils are about finished and the tulips, hyacinths, primula, bleeding heart and windflowers are looking good.  The Saskatoon are blooming.  Everything is early this year.
 Played with this magnolia bloom.  I shot it against the white garage door and cleaned it up with the clone brush to make the background all white and cropped square.  It was processed in ACR from the RAW photo.
About this time in 2012 we were in China.  I played with this photo in LAB mode from a tutorial I found.  This makes the colors pop or it can correct color casts.  I added it to Megashot for the playtime community.
 The 1913 Chalmers at Charlie Baird's Fat Robin Farm.  We were there and in Crofton for the VCCC Antique Chapter meeting and garage tour.  Lots of pictures.

 Something from the Crofton meet.  I have tweaked it as an Abstract.  Might add it to Megashot.
This is one of the photos from last week when Sean was playing seniors hockey at Pearkes Arena.  We spent most of the week eating out, going to hockey, and other visiting, with the cousins.    Now I need to get back to losing the weight I gained and more after that.

March was a very busy month, and April is shaping up to be the same way.  Our Cappuccino maker broke down and we got a new one today.  We had the last one for many years, so hope this one lasts as well.  While out at the hardware store, I picked up a pack of varied size of sand paper and have started sanding down the gate leg table.  I ruined this table by setting house plants on it.  There was ... what I thought was a plastic table cloth beneath the plants, but nooo  the water destroyed the table top.  I actually enjoyed getting at the sand papering for a bit today.  It should not take long.  I just like the table; it is not a good wood, so it should be easy to repair and put a stain on it to take it back to its previous color.  I don't need to do any other parts of it except the top.   

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