Thursday, June 18, 2015

Absolutely the end of March 2014

Recovering deleted posts
 The marsh marigolds were just coming into bloom at the end of March.  The water hawthorn is in bloom too.  Now the marsh marigolds are in full bloom.  The petals from the plum tree that stretches over the pond have been covering the water in a sheet of white.  I took some time to skim the floating debris off the top of the pond.  Yesterday I cleaned up a bit around one corner of the pond.  I have more work to do in the pond surround area.  The moss garden is slowly coming along. 
 This is Elvis the fish in his tub garden.  He survived another winter.  I keep a fish or two in the tube water features to keep the mosquitoes down.  The fish probably get any of the dragon fly eggs too.  I haven't seen any dragon flies around the pond for a long time.
 The little wall lizards have been out of hibernation for a few weeks now.  I think this is an older one as it is turning this nice green color and is bigger.
This butterfly feeding on the plum tree blossoms was the most exciting find in the garden on the 31st of March.  I believe it is a comma butterfly.  It really looks rather beat up from its winter hibernation.  I got photos of it a few days later and it really looks very tattered.  While searching for the name of this butterfly I found that these butterfly larvae use cultivated hops as a food source.  We have some hops growing across the street in the park.    The cabbage butterflies are now out too.

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