Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Model T Days on Father's Day, of course

The line up of some of the cars, in the shower, before the rally started.
Our sponsor, Rob Oldfield. This rally actually commemorates an event from earlier times.
We lined up and left the parking lot in 45 second intervals. We received the rally instructions and set off on a very nicely set up rally. Not too many questions and an new, interesting route. Thanks so much for all the work you do Moe and Carol.
It was good to see this oldie out again. Under new ownership, of course ... we miss you Bob, and your side kick navigator, too.
The woodwork on Arnold's truck is meticulous. Good to see it out. Christine, if you see this.... Hope you are feeling better soon,
As the cars arrived at the Prospect Lake Hall Moe went about putting the numbers on the rallying cars. There were 14 numbered cars and 3 of the organizers' cars that did not have numbers. A very good turn out this year. We even had a visitor from the lower mainland this year.

On Fathers' day we get on our Model T Ford speedster and drive up to Prospect Lake Hall to meet the other enthusiasts for breakfast before the rally. This year, before we left on the run, we had a little shower. Fortunately I had my rain gear along and changed in the hall before we left. There was a good turn out this year. I enjoyed the rally. There did not seem to be too many questions and the route was new and interesting. The trophy was taken home by Warren, this year. If you have had that wonderful item on your mantle once, you may try to finish any place but first. Its quite a garish atrocity and all part of the lore of the day.

After the run, this year, we went to Ken's cafe for lunch. Ken's cafe is just across the street from Rob Oldfield's garage filling station. Rob is our sponsor. There was a Times Colonist photographer out taking photos, but I did not see any of them in the paper.

In the garden over the last few days, I have finished weeding, pruning and renovating the front garden. Today I was out for 5 hours. I clipped the little hedge, removed the daisies, clipped down the time, clipped down the lemon balm, pruned the spirea, weeded the front strip, and the two rectangle beds. I lightly pruned the cedar hedge. I should keep up the pruning of the hedges, as this little hedge in the front as suffered badly from neglect and looks quite ratty in spots from the severe pruning to bring it back into shape. I will keep the daisies to the strip in front of the rectangles, for their annual show. They might bloom again this year. At the moment the pink yarrow is now the main show, in that area. I took the lemon balm down before it goes to seed. It, too, will be up again soon. I must dig out one more plant that is nice, but rampant, and just gets away on me so quickly. Next I shall spread compost around all the beds and consider getting a few perennials to fill in the empty spots. I must lift my peonies and give them better soil. They are just not thriving in the clay soil. The hollyhocks are in bud and are looking pretty good. I also cut back the bishop's weed along Parmar's side of our house and pruned back the firethorn and the california lilac. It all looks pretty good. Now it needs watering... and photos. :-) .

I set up the watering gun in the back and watered that area and the woodland while I was working out at the front. The weather has been quite cool, so working out there in the afternoon is not impossible. Most of the hard work is done for this year. I think I will leave the woodland renovation and under the deck for next year and just do maintenance for the next few months.

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