Saturday, June 13, 2009

Antique Tour - Sunshine Coast - #7

Friday was the first day of the official tour. We had already done a full day on the car by getting to Gibson's Landing.

Most of the people from Vancouver and East of there came over from Vancouver in the morning. We had breakfast and went back down to the ferry slip to meet them, as did a few of the people from the Island. We toured to our scheduled coffee stop and picked up our registration packages with the tour routes, maps, etc. booklet. Then we proceeded on the tour to return to Gibson's for lunch. As you can see, I am not getting very good photos from on the moving car. We went down the dockside stairs to Smitty's oyster bar. We walked along the beachside walk again and out on the dock.

In the garden I am making good progress in getting the rock path reset. I have finished up to the smoke bush. I am going to take out that blue leafed hebe as it gets very ratty looking and I want the space under the dark leaves of the smoke bush to be the silver sedum. The California lilac and the smoke bush are in blue right now and look terrific together. The path runs between them. Both of these shrubs got a bit of pruning to take out dead wood. I will be doing more pruning to shape them, after the blooming is finished. I need a few more big flat rocks, as usual! I never seem to have enough flat rocks. I am using found field stone that I have collected over the years. Since I am widening the path a slight bit more and making edges, the stones do not seem to go as far.

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