Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden Paths #3

This photo shows an over view of the stone path from where it starts at the curve in the long grass path and winds its way into the inner garden and around the sundial circle.
Just before the branch in the stone path I have 3 stepping stones down into the thyme circle. These stepping stones are bordered on one side by the inner garden plants . hebe, alliums, etc, on one side and by the golden organo and small geranium on the other side. The thyme should cover the stepping stone completely in a year or so. I removed the stones from the circle as I prefer to have it totally covered in thyme. The bags of soil amendments sit on the bench -- an oversight by the photographer.. ah well.
The stone path branches at this point to go up along the water feature and the west coast planter on one branch while the other branch goes onwards toward the smoke bush.
This is the continuation of the stone path on past the smoke bush, bordered by more sedums on one side and the silver sedum and the lavender, and armerias on the other side. This is the area where I am going to add the 3 new roundish rocks that I liberated from by the yellow oregano. This is the center of the front garden. It also has a lovey blue hebe in it as well as pin cushion flowers, aliums and a couple other plants.
This is the part of the path that is the entrance to the sundial circle. It is edged by iris and california lilac on one side and the silver sedum with the smoke bush on the other side of the path. The odd foxglove self seeds as well as a few others. Right at the end by the hedge you see the little hebe that is doing so well this year.
This is the sun dial circle with its little stone border. I left a spot on the stone circle that had only the little orange flowers growing in it. I did not dig them out and put weed barrier under the stones. This little area can be my test area for how well the weed barrier does.
This short stone path leads off of the grass frame strip next to the entrance. I had to put this little path in because the meter maid could not find the meter when I had plants growing over it. So, I was penalized for hiding the ugly thing. I had to pay a fine on my water bill. First time I ever heard of a water meter maid levying a fine. Oh my the power of the bureau Brats.
Along 2 sides and part of a third size of my front garden I have 5 foot wide strips of grass that are the frame of the front garden. This is the top frame. It is the same width but it curves because of the entrance and the shape of the hedge.
This is the framing strip on Parmar's side. It is, in fact their 5 foot strip of grass between their driveway and the property line. Thank you Mrs. P. for the border.
This strip goes about 10 feet up our drive way side and is interrupted by the magnolia tree and other plants. Going the other way, the strip goes along the front of the garden next to the street and meets Parmar's strip of grass, to frame these two sides. This front strip is where the crocus field is in the spring. Now next to where the crocus field is, the daisies are growing profusely.

The photos from this post were all taken on the 16th of June. You can see the garden hose that I have stretched out and turned on to give the plum tree at the front of the garden a slow, constant drip of water.

There will be more photos of the plants, containers and garden art that I have stuffed into this small garden.

Yesterday we had a bit of rain and a bit more this morning. It was not very much altogether, though. Today the Davey Tree people came and removed the huge eucalyptus in the back. So there will be photos of that, too. I am missing my huge tree already. The screening it did was terrific. It was terribly messy though. ... to be continued. :)

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