Friday, June 19, 2009

Antique Tour - Sunshine Coast - #11

After our muster stop on the Antique tour; we proceeded to Egmont, then to Malibu Landing and boarded the Malibu Princess for our lunch cruise up Jervis Inlet. The lunch was great. The sky is cloudy and everything is grey. We pass a 1400 foot water fall where the boat is very close. I cannot get out of my booth where we sat for lunch without out being rude to a very dear little lady. I get more distance shots of the falls on the way back.

After the lunch cruise we return to Sechelt. Dinner is at Gilligan's Pub where we have a good visit with some friends. We miss the pub (almost) brawl out on the patio. Where some "skank" and her boyfriend the "washed out surfer dude" were trying to steal money from the waitress when one of our group caught them at it. The story became more and more hilarious as the night progressed.

We head home the next morning quite early as we have 3 ferries to catch, and a drive down the island, before we get home. We run with Bruce, and James and Barbara. They go over the Malahat and we take the Mill Bay ferry again. James has trouble with his brakes! There was nothing left of them by the time they got home! Oh man, and they went over the Malahat. The rest of the group go on a short tour and get to the Sechelt Golf and Country club for brunch. Had we done that, we would have probably stayed another overnight up island. I was happy to be getting home. It was a good tour, despite a few unclimbed hills.

We had a bit of rain last night. I was out in the garden for 5 - 5.5 hours today, but taking it pretty easy with more rests. I added one bag of pea gravel to the stone path. I finished trimming the thyme circle back to its previous size with a 7 foot diameter. I moved a few plants around so that I have some consistancy in the groupings of plants. I found 3 very nice roundish rocks under the yellow oregano and took them out to add to the smoke bush bed where there will be sedum. I moved the rock for the hebe closer to the thyme circle and back filled with topsoil, using up the rest of that bag of soil. I cleaned the grass out from under the little pink blooming bush and from in the irises. This grass looks a lot like the iris leaves, so I think I will be constantly pulling it out.. or remove those irises. But the grouping of plants I have there now, looks good the way it is. I will get rid of the daisies, at the bottom by the hedge and add a hosta, I think. This will be next to the black bamboo, so I should try for a gold and green hosta of medium size. The pond is staying topped up, which is good to see. I hope I find the time to get some photos done, soon.

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