Monday, June 15, 2009

Antique Tour - Sunshine Coast - #8

Irene and Theresa
1914 Model T roadster. Barb and James beauty.
The people's choice winner of the tour.
The special hood ornament on the Kissel kar.
1913 Kissel Kar
Our 1915 Model T Ford Speedster
Captain Vancouver's monument at Chaster Park

Here are a few photos from Friday, day one of the tour. Hot sunny weather. After our lunch stop at Gibson's Landing we toured past Chaster Park, with an optional hill climb along the way, past Roberts Creek to our stop at Roberts Creek Provincial Picnic Grounds. We pass through Wilson Creek and Davis Bay on our way back to Sechelt to our Driftwood hotel where we register and freshen up for the dinner/banquet.

In the garden, I have almost finished the rock path renovation. On Friday morning I spread a bit of weed and feed on my bits of grass, after mowing. It is very dry and hot, so I have been trying to keep the pond and water tubs topped up and keep the new transplanted perennials watered. I am weeding and trimming shrubs, dead heading perennials as I go along. Pictures to follow when time permits.

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