Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eucalyptus tree - Part 3

The stump is quite evenly flat and about 18 inches in diameter. This is a contrasty shot. The plants survived ok. The irises are a bit flattened but they will survive. They now have more sun, so perhaps they will bloom. Behind this stump are the Saskatoon berry trees that are not producing. I think I will take them out and put in more hedging cedars, in the Fall, when it starts to rain.
I rather liked this view of the truck with Graham in the background.
The chipper, at the back of the truck.
This truck has some plants to be taken to another location to be planted. I believe Lloyd said it was hedging trees to replace an old worn out hedge. They do planting as well as removal, of course.
They have some pretty specialized equipment.
The website on the back of the truck.
The last of the tree was taken down in fireplace size pieces of the trunk.
You can see how the stumps of the branches are useful as spots to stand upon. The ropes and harness help to hold him to the tree so he is able to use his saws to cut the tree.

Yesterday I managed to get the lawn moved and watered around the back gardens. I washed off the patio area, also.

Today, Saturday, I spent about 4 hours in the garden. I trimmed the trees at the back a bit more. In the front I took the globe spruce tree back quite a bit. I dug out violets from under the iberis. As I used my pruner on the spruce, I added another blister to my first blister from where the pruner rests on my second finger. Even through gloves these blisters form. I will have to tape over the spot, next time I use the pruner, I guess. The front garden is almost finished in front of the hedge. Its looking quite nice with the pink mallow flowers and the white feverfew in bloom with the blue and white tall campanulas. I need to remove more violets, put down bark mulch and perhaps get a few more tall campanulas for the area next to the black bamboo. I will have to be vigilant about the violets, as they are a real bitch to get out of the clay soil once they have established roots. I watered the pruned shrubs, the grass and the front, a bit. Later we had a bit of rain.

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