Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Antique Auto tour to Sunshine Coast

This is more of the photos from our week end tour with the Antique autos. Since we had ample time waiting for the ferry to depart from Brentwood Bay I was taking quite a few snaps. I was using the ND filter as I expected there would be glare from the water. I am fairly happy with the way this filter works. I do need to pay attention to exposure compensation when using the filter. The starfish and the geese are zoomed into digital zoom, but are not too bad for blurry.

There were 26 cars from 1915 and prior. Cadillacs, Reo, Fords, a Rolls, Buicks and McLaughlins, Hupmobile, Oakland, Morris Cowly, Abbot Detroit, Kissel Kar, and a Packard. More on this later.

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