Monday, June 08, 2009

June in the Garden

This photo is shot from the deck steps downwards at the part of the little dry stream that runs under the deck and disappears under the ferms. You can see the beginnings of the moss garden along one side. There are other shade plants in the picture -- a hosta, solomons seal, a little shrub that I have just recently pruned, so it is looking rather sparse.

The Pincushion flower at the front. I have added one to the back garden, also. This is a lovely, easy care plant. I should plant them in clumps of 3, to make a better showing.

The smoke bush and the California lilac, both in bloom, in the front garden.

The 4 days I was away we had hot days. I had watered before we left. The plants are just out doing themselves with blooms in this weather and this time of year. The rhodos and roses are in full bloom as well as many others. I will be posting more of the June blooming extravaganza in the days to come.

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