Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Antique Auto tour to Sunshine Coast #3

At Gibson's Landing there is a very nice marina.
We get to the Departure Bay ferry terminal and have 3/4 of an hour wait for the ferry across to Horseshoe Bay north of Vancouver. The day is really very very hot. Some good people watching, not much for shopping here.
We drive up the highway from Mill Bay to Nanaimo's Departure Bay ferry. The car is running very well. We stop at Ladysmith for a coffee and I have an egg mcmuffin as I have been up since 5:00 am and have not eaten. We fill up with gas at the Co-op here also.
There was an eagle on this post at the Mill Bay terminal. It is just a bit too far away for my lens.
While crossing on the little ferry over to Mill Bay.

The ferry trip from Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay has spectacular scenery. I am too tired to go up to the sundeck to take photos though. We have lunch on board and just relax.

We get off the ferry at Horseshoe Bay and have this god awful maze to find our way back to the Langdale ferry slip. We HAVE TO take this ferry as there is no other road up to Gibson's Landing from here. We manage the maze and get on the Langdale ferry. Upon leaving this ferry we head up the road to Gibson's Landing. While going through the town, Pat decides to take a steep uphill for some unknown reason. We stall the T three quarters of the way up the hill. I am having fits and get off. Pat backs down to a driveway and drives back to the main road. We are both more than a bit shaken. I walk down the hill to meet him and find some helpful 'locals' telling us where to stay and to eat. We get to the recommended Ritz Motel. We have a fridge, stove and view over the trees to the Bay. Its older, no air conditioning, but surprisingly cool.

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