Thursday, June 18, 2009

Antique Tour - Sunshine Coast - #10

This is the 'muster spot' of the Saturday (2nd day) of this Antique Auto tour. At last some car photos!

Yesterday I spent doing house stuff, primarily. I noticed that the pond was very low. I went out and topped it up. I set a flat rock in the mossy water fall on an angle to deflect the water coming out of the top of the waterfall. Today the pond appears to be at its topped up level, so I think I have fixed the problem for the moment.

Today, I was out for about 5 hours and got quite a lot done. I got out the pole trimmer and took down the cedars that were leaning over the neighbors driveway. They were storm damaged from last winter. Then I began cleaning up the strip between our driveways. I had thought I lost the New Zealand Flax, but upon cleaning it up, I see it has some new little sprouts. I trimmed the rose of sharon and removed the small rose of sharon that was not doing well. I have filled the big green bin with all this clippings and trimmings. I got the bow saw and took out dead wood in the Magnolia and shaped it a bit, as well as trimming it back off the driveway. It looks so much better now too.

After lunch I started to clean up the thyme circle. Its looking so good! The little geranium and the yellow oregano are very well behaved. I deadheaded the geranium and will will be taking the orgeano down a few inches. I have trimmed the thyme back to its circle stone edges about 1/4 of the way around the circle. I removed the thyme that escaped and the one in the small sun dial circle. I plan to put red sedum on the bare spot where I removed some thyme just below the Hebe that is in bloom now in the smoke bush bed. I plan to add one or two rock plants to the sun dial circle to fill it in. I am moving the armerias and the pin cushion plants to the same area. They look really good together. I am taking out the self seeding columbines and relegating them to the woodland. I dead headed the Gertrude Jekyl rose and watered a bit at the front. Also managed to get the house plants fed and watered.

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