Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Antique Tour - Sunshine Coast - #9

The banquet of the tour was good. As our guest speaker was entertaining us, I noticed that the light was fading and had to leave early to go out and try for some sundown shots. I had a lot of blurry ones, as I did not bring my tripod. There was also a bit of a breeze off the ocean and the plants were moving. The moon is not too bad for a hand held shot, if I must say so myself.

In the garden, I have finished the stone path renovations. I watered the back and front, and hosed off the patio area. Its nice to have that cleaned up, at last, too. I was complimented on the new stone path by Pat, and by the mailman. :-))
I moved the blue leaf hebe -- actually dug it out and put pieces of its roots here and there in the garden. If they grow again, fine, if not, that's fine too. I moved the lavender from under the smoke bush to the front of that bed. So, when the lavender gets a little taller, I will have blue flowers in the front of the purple smoke bush and blue flowers of the California lilac behind it. This bush will be underplanted with the silver sedum. I was out for about 5 hours yesterday, and got quite a lot done.

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