Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Eucalyptus - part 1

This is the eucalyptus tree looking out of the patio door and zoomed a bit closer. This tree provided great screening from the house just behind our property, where we have a very unusual person for a neighbor (to say the least). We really needed this screening! But given the possibility of a crash of the heavy tree to the garage, we decided to have the tree removed.
This tree is leaning over the path in the woodland. Every year it seemed to sink lower and lower towards the path. This year I have had to duck under it to get past it on the path. It is a huge tree and the wood is really heavy as it contains a lot of moisture. We were afraid it would fall on the garage in the next good windstorm. So, we called Davey Tree to come and take it down for us.
A closer look at the tree. The bark peels and the leaves have different colors as they age and drop off. It makes quite a mess but is evergreen; or everblue, actually. I like the bark and color of the leaves. Since it is a tree from Australia, it blooms in what is our winter. The Anna's Hummingbirds that stay in our area over winter would be feeding on the blossoms in winter.
This is the eucalyptus tree towering over the garage the day before the 'cut'.

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