Sunday, May 01, 2016

March 27 in the front garden

 The little trillium in the front garden is now finished blooming.  I have not seen the two in the woodland yet.

 The magnolia was the star of the month of March in the front garden.  It is now finished blooming also.  I have taken out the birds nest spruce that was growing beside it and crowding it out.  I may find a couple of azaleas to fill the space.  Since I intend to take out the big heather, also, I may be getting 3 or 4 azaleas.  Probably not until the fall when the rains start, though.
 The pink pasque flower put on quite a show, as did the purple one.  They are both finishing the bloom period now.
 This hyacinth is by the front step and perfumes the whole area when in bloom.  I might remove that evergreen as it, too has become too big for its space.  I might just replace it with boxwood.
 The chocolate lily is now in the primula bed in the back garden.  It had a volunteer tree growing in its pot.  I have left the tree to see how it preforms.  I hope it is an indigenous tree.  It has willow like leaves and red bark, so it may be an osier willow.
 This shows the bark and leaves of the volunteer tree.  The leaves were just opening out in the end of March.
As I was reading the Times Colonist, yesterday, I came across this article about the Vancouver transit workers union talking about the trouble they seem to be having with their working conditions.  This is the same Union that our bus drivers belong to, just a different chapter.  Imagine that!  As per my previous post about my troubles with the bus in downtown Victoria, it seems I may have  guessed correctly that there was some Union action taking place within the B.C. Transit service.  Well, I guess we know what to look forward to this summer.

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