Friday, May 06, 2016

Around the Garden, April 8th, Part #4

 The violets in bloom in front of the new little cedars I planted where I took out the burning bush because the neighbors were trashing it.  The cedars should grow and block the view of their stinking garbage cans the visitors to my place can see from the front door.
 on past the violets there is a Japanese anemone, some bishops weed with a camas in it, and then the day lilies.  Above on the lest is the jackamani clematis that has escaped its trellis. Behind the day lilies is the camillia.
 Another view of the violets, one of the cedars, the Japanese anemone, the clematis trellis and the bishops weed.
 This simplicity rose is behind the new little cedars and is the boxwood hedge in front of it.  It is a quite tall and has quite a few blossoms on it now.
 This little azalea is next to a rhodo that is next to the camillia.  The rhodos along this five foot strip are in bloom now as is the azalea.
 This is their idea of a wall, I guess.  This is put on my property and in front of the cedar privacy hedge between our back decks, that they trashed at the bottom when playing hockey with the net in front of the hedge.
 The woodland plants at the back beside the old garage.  They are still blooming a bit.
 The deer fern with new fronds unfurling, by the back steps up to the deck.
 This sea horse is next to the deer fern and other ferns growing in this area.
The tulips along the other side of the old garage were putting on a good show.  The tree is the fig tree.  The tulips are finished blooming now.  

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