Friday, May 13, 2016

Around the garden, April 8th, part #7

 The Japanese cut leaf maple
 A view of the maple on its mound of moss in the moss garden with the pond in the background.
 I purchased 3 rock garden willows a few years ago at the Rock and Alpine show and sale.  Until last year I had them in pots.  I transplanted this one by the pond.  I had a  huge ball of roots.  I stretched the roots out to reach into the pond, and covered them with soil and rocks.   I believe willows like a lot of water.  I think this is the Salix helvetica.  It has lovely pussy willows in the spring followed by the silvery leaves with almost golden bark.  I will start to prune it  into a nice shape in the Spring  after it has been dormant for the winter.  
 A closer view of the Salix helvetica.  I had to mound it up a bit to keep the root ball at the right level to stretch over the pond liner and into the pond.
 This is the Salix Boyd's pendula variety.  I have put it into this tall pot so that it can hang over the sides.  I had the hole in the pot plugged up, but it was drowning when we had heavy winter rains, so now I try to keep the plant well watered and the hole plugged up again, so that it gets enough water in our dry summers.  I am trying to prune it so that it hangs down over the sides in a nice shape.
The other little willow is now planted by the pond also.  (no picture at this time, as it has just produced its leaves recently)It is the choice Salix boydii.  It grows to a size of 8 x 10 inches.  It seems to grow into a bonsai shape.  I tried to stretch its roots into the water of the pond, also, but they broke off.  It has survived the winter and seems to be happy enough where it is. I keep it well watered and hope its roots extend over the edge into the water, now.
 Water hawthorn and a fish.
 The marsh marigold in bloom.
 Another shot of one of the fish.  I think I have 3 gold fish that are about 4 - 5 inches long.  I added 4 little 3 inch shubunkins recently.  I have 2 bull frogs in my pond.  I do hope they don't eat my fish.  I need to get in touch with the B.C. Frog Watch to find out what I should do with them to get them out of my pond.
 Close up of the water hawthorn bloom.  This is a very good plant in my water garden.
An overview of the pond.

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