Sunday, May 29, 2016

Birds in the garden and new plants in Mid April

 Robin feeding its new babies
 Windows 10 photo editor on the house finch
 House finch edited in Photoshop
 A wren
Each of these birds was at the top of the pin oak that at this time was just opening its leaves.  There has been quite a lot of birds in my garden this spring.  I have heard others singing and have been unable to capture them.  The long zoom on my Canon SX60 lets me zoom all the way to the top of this pin oak.  I crop the photos to get the subject closer.
 A fig on April 18.  I think this fig crop will be early this year.
 A lettuce that survived the winter.  This plant is now tall and hopefully going to seed.
 A few of the new plants from Cannors nursery and from the plant show and sale.  The yellow peony tree on the right has perished in the bright sun we had recently.  It was one of the Plant show and sale items, so perhaps it was not really properly rooted to be a sale item.  It tipped over several times in the transport home.
 The two heliotropes from Cannors nursery were very fragrant in the deck planters.  I have now cut off the blooms and hope they will continue to grow and show more flowers
This tiny geum should have been left in its pot, but I planted it out to the 'cutting garden'.  I don't think it survived.  Perhaps I can find a more robust Geum rivale, in purple, some time.  They are very good plants when they get established in the garden.

For the last few days I have been stressed out about Microsoft forcing me to 'update' to Windows 10.  I could not get my printer to work from the computer, and I lost a couple of other programs I used regularly.  I suppose I could have recovered them with the help of my techie.  I so resented this forcing me to go to Windows 10.  Today I found a way to recover my old Windows.  I have to find out how to turn off that automatic updating in Windows.  

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