Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bull frogs in my garden pond

I noticed what I thought was a juvenile bull frog in my garden pond about April 7th.  I sent an email to the person on the contact list of the B.C. Frog Watch site:
I was redirected to forward my email to:   I dithered on sending the email as I was hoping the frog was a green frog, and I might keep it in my pond.  The green frog is also an imported frog in our area.  The bull frogs are an invasive species, and are taking over the habitat of  our native frogs.
Then on May 1st, I noticed another frog in my garden pond.  By May 10th they were growing and maybe even multiplying.  Yesterday, I sent an email about the frogs to Kerri Davis.  I hope she can  inform me on how to catch the frogs and how they relocate these frogs.

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