Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Swallowtail butterflies in my garden on May 22 and May 24

 I saw this swallowtail butterfly feeding on my rhodo on May 22nd.

 On May 24 this swallowtail was feeding.  I believe the one from the 22nd is an Anise and the larger one on the 24th was a western tiger swallowtail.
Both butterflies fed on the lighter colored rhodo, on the left in the photo.  Neither one of them was interested in the other rhodos in my garden.

Well, I have accidentally updated to Windows 10.  Have to get used to it, I suppose.  Hope this works

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Maggie said...

I was in the middle of doing this blog post this morning when Windows 10 popped up telling me it would update in five minutes. I just x'ed off as usual, but it kept right on going. So, here it is... messing up the little bit I have left of my brain cells.