Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Around the Garden, April 8th, Part #8

 A newer primula growing by the stepping stones by the pond.
 The lovely double mauve primula that grows next to the new blue one, above
 This is a small tuberous oxalis.  It is not at all as vigorous as most clover plants.  Nice foliage and pretty blossoms.  It grows next to the trunk of the plum tree by the pond.
 The dry stream with its new pieces of wood for edging under the deck and two hepaticas in this part of the moss garden.  The moss needs more encouragement.
 The lily of the valley shrub that grows next to the stone path that is the entry to the water/Japanese/moss garden area.  Butchart gardens moss is very very luxuriant.
I moved this miniature pine tree out of the little rockery and into the area where I removed the tall blue spruce, that out grew its space.  This is the new area of where I hope the moss grows to cover the ground under the shrubs.

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