Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Around the Garden, April 8th, part #6

The tulips in the back garden put on a fine show in April.    In looking at the space I have in the flower bed surrounding the fig tree, I see where I could add more tulips.  As the space is now, there is a miniature rose in bloom, the peony is in bloom. There is a lupine that will be in bloom soon.   There are quite a few self seeded foxgloves.  The michaelmas daisies are crowding everything out and need to be moved or removed entirely. The fig tree has little figs on it.   Across the old sidewalk from this bed the grape vine has grapes on it, and the oriental poppies are in bloom.   The lily of the Nile plants are going to be spectacular this year.
I have finished transplanting cosmos, snapdragons, two super petunias and an ice plant to the renovated garden bed in the front flower bed under the magnolia tree.  I cleaned up around the water meter and put down more cement blocks so that the meter maid can find the meter.  I took out the big birds nest spruce that was taking over the flower bed, and severely clipped back the heather and the Irish heather.  This bed will need perennials, perhaps in the autumn. In particular, I may add arabis which make a sparkling white mat in early spring under the Magnolia, and they are evergreen.   I think it looks much better now.  The Siberian Iris are in bloom, and the iberis is finished blooming and needs to be clipped back. 

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