Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Around the Garden - - April 8th, part #2

 The purple pasque flower with a few iberis blossoms.   This is a very well behaved and good plant.
 The little trillium had one early bloom that has turned pink by April 8th and another later bloom that is still while.  It is nice to see this trillium expanding.  I have not seen the two trilliums in the woodland this year.  I hope they are still there.  I pull out blue bells from around them.  I hope this does not disturb them too much.
 The pink pasque flower.  The pasque flowers and the trillium are all in the same area, near the magnolia tree in the front garden.
 The arabis is always a welcome sight in the spring time.  The plants are spreading in the whole area of the strip between our driveways.  They have bulbs and shrubs growing up through them.  The tall bearded irises are now coming into bloom with the carpet of arabis under them.  I should move some of these plants into the area where I have taken out birds nest spruce and will be taking out a heather.  I plan to get azaleas to fill in the bare spots.  Azaleas will look good with this white carpet, since the bloom at the same time.
 This is a patch of blue bells in the strip between our driveways that I let grow and then take off the blooms before they go to seed.  Hopefully that will keep these blue bells from taking over.  There is a few daffodils that have finished blooming with the blue bells.
 opps loaded this one twice and don't know how to remove it.
 Tulip along the driveway strip.. do not remember the variety.
 Also along the driveway strip in front of the cedar hedge.  This is a lily flowering one that is almost finished blooming.
 Also along the driveway strip.
 Another lily flowered tulip. I should have taken earlier photos of these ones.
A gorgeous big glowing white tulip with multiple petals.  It looks great against the dark green hedge.  I had dandilions and other weeds growing along the strip and have since then weeded and trimmed back some of the shrubs.  The St. Johns worte will need to be clipped down after it blooms, as it is looking quite ragged.  I must get the ivy out of that bed also.  I am trying to get rid of the invasive plants i have in my garden.  It is slow going to get them all out.  

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