Sunday, May 08, 2016

Around the Garden, April 8, part #5

 A closer view of the primula bed.  This is before I cleaned up the leaves and weeds in this area.
 The stepping stones with the primula bed on one side and the fig tree bed on the other side.  The fig tree bed borders the old sidewalk by the back garage and contains the tulips and spring bulbs.  We can now see past the pink pots, on over the Japanese garden to the water garden.  Since I took out the blue spruce tree, this opens up a longer vista.  I have added the little miniature pine tree and a chocolate lily with its volunteer tree into the area where the spruce tree was.  The licorice fern and the maiden hair fern are also in the mix of what is growing to be the moss/Japanese garden room.
 A lovely St. Bridget Anemone in the Fig tree bed.. a long lasting bloom of a spring bulb
 a very special lewisia davidi (maybe) in the little rockery at the back garden.
 A lovely fragrant daphne in the little rockery.
 A full view of the little rockery at the back.  This little rockery starts at the stepping stones where they enter the strawberry/cutting garden and the entry to the water/moss garden; ending at the cedar hedge at the back of the property.  I am slowly getting some choice rock plants established here.
 A newer very nice primula in the primula bed
 The yellow primula.  It is now cleaned up here with compost added to the primulas.  They are almost finished blooming now and are growing good leaves and roots to spread in their bed.
More of the part of this primula bed that I renovated, with a couple of newer primulas, from last year. The little solar lights are now getting enough sunlight to have them light up at night.  Now to get the moss to spread and get the hepaticas to spread out a bit.  There are epimediums in this area too, and a tiny blue hosta. And, of course, the Harry Lauders Walking stick shrub, the miniature bamboo, and the lily of valley shrub,   The pink pots feature need a bit of attention, but all in all this 'room' is coming along quite nicely.
I now have two of  rather big frogs in my water garden area.  I hope they are green frogs and not bull frogs.  They do not seem to be growing bigger.  I added 4 little 3 to 4 inch shubunkins to the pond, so I hope the frogs don't eat them.

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