Friday, April 29, 2016

March 26th water garden area

 The blossoms of the lily of the valley shrub.  This shrub is at the entrance to the water garden
 In the spring the new leaves of this variegated lily of the valley shrub are a bright red.  Now, a month later these new leaves are a pale yellow color.
 This little rock plant is in the little rockery across the stone path into the water garden.
 A view of the pond.  We can see the petal from the plum tree above it, covering the whole area. The water hawthorn is in bloom.  It seems to be constantly blooming.  A very good water plant.  The marsh marigold is also in bloom.
 This daphne in the little rockery.  Fragrant nicely behaved plant.
 Close up of the marsh marigold flowers.
This is a tuft of the clematis spent blossoms.  The clematis is at the corner of the deck next to the pond.  It now has buds, that will soon be opening.  It climbs up to the deck and some years blooms around the water feature on the deck.  This  is the bad hair day much like my day yesterday.
The less than impressive B.C. transit service:
This place according to the says that the management and the drivers are constantly at loggerheads about how they should do their jobs.

I find I tend to agree with these drivers.  This tension between management and workers should never effect the passengers, as it seems to have done to me.  Sure hope they are not building up to going on strike.

The bus stop by the Hudson on Douglas Street heading out of downtown  is impossible.  Its a total nightmare for schedules.  Buses pile up along that block and there is no way one could guess where in the line up the bus you want to catch is going to arrive.   This is what happened to me:  The first bus was #30, bus number 9371,  which went to its designated position at the front of the line up, almost right up to Herald Street.  By the time I discovered where I should have been waiting for this bus.. I was running to get on it and was at the back of the bus, where I thumped the back window to get the driver's attention, he continued driving away.  There was a man sitting right by the bus on a bench, who saw the whole thing.  He signaled the driver that I was coming running.  He said the driver looked in his mirror and saw me, but continued to leave the stop.  When I got up to the front door and signalled the driver to let me in, he shook his head.  He had to stop for the red light at Herald St.  and was sitting there with the door of the bus slightly off the curb; so it seemed he could not then open the door and let me on.  At which time I called him a bastard and said I would report him.  This happened at apx 11:20, on Thursday, April 28, 2016.
The next #30 bus (bus number 9356) to arrive was at the end of the long line of buses.  From my previous experience I was waiting at the Herald Street end of the bus stop, expecting the next #30 bus to come up to that spot to pick up any passengers.  But, he stopped at the end of the bus stop in front of The Hudson, and then carried on out into the traffic.  He could not get past the buses that were in line in front of his bus.  So, there he sat with the nose of the bus in the traffic lane and the back of the bus at the curb.  I was unable to get on this bus either.   He could have carried on up the curbside until he got to the front of the line of buses where his bus is scheduled to pick up.  But of course, that would have probably put his bus off the schedule.  It was off the schedule, anyway, because he could NOT get past the other buses in front of him that were trying to get on their way, but were jammed one behind the other with the noses of the buses part-way into the street and back ends closer to the curbside.  The scheduled stops for all these buses at that particular stop needs some serious rescheduling, in my opinion.

I finally figured out that this was not the best bus stop to wait at to catch my bus #30.  I walked another few blocks down Douglas Street and waited at the first bus stop I came to, and had no trouble getting on the next #30 bus.

So, for as often as I use this shoddy transit system, it is not worth the trouble to send a complaint.  The complaint would not do a thing to improve conditions if the whole staff and management cannot seem to make this system work, properly.

Changed my mind and made a complaint.  Hopefully they can use passenger complaints to help them improve the service.
Made a complaint on April 29, at 12:50 on the form:*/contact - kept a print of it.
More contact info:  (1-844-482-6161) or visit BC Transit at 520 Gorge Road East, Victoria, BC V8W 2P3.

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