Thursday, April 21, 2016

The woodland on March 26th

 The perennial geraniums at the end of the driveway strip, in front of the cedars.  The woodland path begins where the geraniums end.
 After going along the woodland path beside the garage we come to the back corner of the woodland area.  It is wider in this back corner, and the cedar hedge ends. There is a small Douglas Fir, a large Japanese cedar, and a few Sumacs on one side of the path. There is a mock orange shrub and a butterfly bush, with Saskatoon trees behind the water feature.  There is a wild voluteered tree that I think is a plum tree.  Next, at the back of this border there is a yew tree, a few hedging cedars and the fire thorn at the end of the woodland area.   On the other side of the path that is next to the back of the garage there is a rhododendron and a pin oak.  This side of the woodland goes along the back of the old garage and contains the old compost bin, a lily of the valley shrub, and a tall sword fern.  The rest of this bed is a work in progress.  The chip path becomes the old sidewalk at the point where the butterfly bush is planted.  There are other perennials in the back corner and self seeding honesty and dames rockets. The fawn lilies are slowly multiplying at the front of the bed beneath the sumacs.  This area is infested with blue bells that I am trying to get rid of.  They are extremely invasive.
 The white fawn lilies seem to be holding their own against the blue bells.
 The yellow fawn lilies seem more robust than the white ones.  I do hope they both keep on spreading in the woodland; and that I can keep the blue bells from taking over.
 The fawn lilies.  I hope to find a pink fawn lily to buy to add to my collection.
 This is the water tub with the mock orange on the left.  The mock orange is in full bloom now and adds its fragrance to the spring garden.  There is one gold fish in the tub and some water iris.
 After the water feature the Irises begin at the front of the bed.  The irises have primulas planted with them.  As long as I keep this area weeded the primulas and iris put on a good show from early spring to mid summer.
The wind flower (anemones) self seed in this area as well.  Very pretty addition to the mixture of spring flowering plants.  They are spreading all over the garden, but are not hard to control, so I am letting them proliferate in the garden.

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