Friday, April 15, 2016

Orchids and teddy bears in March

 I moved some of my teddy bears off the cupboard and to the top of my computer desk.  This makes my room look a bit less cluttered.  There are a few of the bears that did not get their portraits done.  It really is a comfort to have them around me in my room where I spend a lot of time.
 The Pixie cattelaya that blooms regularly.  On about March 14, I repotted the orchids and the African violets.  Pixie needed a much bigger pot.  I wanted a lighter pink color, but this is all I could find.  The pot matches the color of the blooms and is an eye catcher even when the orchid is not in bloom.

This white phalenopsis is still in bloom.  It seems to last a long long time.  Pixie is finished blooming and the yellow phal. is also.  The white phal. with yellow center now has another spray of blossoms opening.  The African violets are getting so big and looking so very healthy.  They really needed the repotting and the feeding.
In the garden I have been cleaning up the primula bed along the round stepping stones in the back garden.  I brought home three indigenous ferns from the Rock and Alpine show and sale last Saturday.  I was delighted to find a maiden hair fern, a sword fern and a licorice fern.  I transplanted them today; each with what I hope is their special requirements of soil, shade and where the moisture levels would be optimum.  I dug compost out of the old compost bin to use in the planting holes.  Also added compost to the primulas and epimediums.  This semi shaded bed has  epimediums, primulas, a hosta, a newly transplanted chocolat lilly, and hepaticas.  This is an extension of the moss garden/Japanese garden and the pond.  The moss/fern garden under the deck is coming along quite nicely.  I dug out a white hellebore that was crowding out the little white azalea.  I hope it does not grow again from any roots I might have left in the ground. This should allow a bit more moss to grow and balance the amount of the moss with the mass of plant foliage.   I transferred a couple of clumps of the hellebore's roots under the deck, where I am sure it will grow again.  

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