Sunday, April 24, 2016

March 26 - Primula bed No.1

 This is the new view to the Pond.  I have now finished taking out the blue spruce that had become too large for the space.  This gives another vista from the patio area to the pond.  This photo was before I cleaned the leaves and debris off of the moss garden and the primula bed.  Everything is covered with the fallen plum blossom petals.  I have rearranged the pink pots, also, but they still need to have the tulips removed from the big pot.
 This is a view of the stepping stones that go to the fern/moss garden under the deck.  The white flowers are the white hellebore that I have removed as it was crowding out the little white azalea and everything in that spot.  This will open up this area and allow more moss as ground cover to balance  the flat surface area with the taller foliage.
 This is a gorgeous color in the primula.  It is spreading like crazy.
 This pink double primula is spreading nicely also.
 The two primulas, above, are  next to each other and make a good contrast in color.  I have since cleaned up the old leaves and weeds and added compost to the primula bed   I dug the compost out of the old compost bin.  I will need more compost for the back garden in all of the 'rooms' except the woodland.
 This is the dark maroon hellebore.  These plants are in bloom for a long period of time.  They are one of the first plants to bloom in the spring and they are still in bloom now.  This one sits between the two rhodos next to the back step.  I will need to dig it out too as it is getting too big for its space also.  I will move pieces of it to the woodland and to moss/fern garden under the deck, as I did with the white hellebore.
 This yellow primula is a newer one and needs some time to get established.
While cleaning up the primula bed, I accidentally dug this one out.  I hope it survives.  It is a lovely dark blue double.  I have not saved the names of any of the primulas.

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