Monday, April 04, 2016

March 1st - a visit to the museum

March 1st was a blustery, cold, rainy day.  You might say that March came in like a lion.  This weeks weather has shown that March did go out like a lamb.  Very nice weather with above average temperatures for the beginning of April.
The Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibit was on in March and has just now concluded.  The John Lennon rolls was in the lobby as an added attraction /
There were no photos allowed in the Photography exhibit, of course.  Not many of my photos in the museum or even outside turned out very well.
In April of 2010 I was on a guided walk to see the mosses in the Francis King Park, also on a walk in the Mill Hill park.  There were wild flowers in both of the parks; and the mosses in the Francis King park were marvelous.  At the present time I am working on a fern/moss garden 'room' in my garden.  I can identify at least 4 kinds of moss in my garden; from looking back at the photos from 2010.  There will have to be another album created on my old web site for this new garden addition.  :)  I seem to have more dreams for albums than I have time to make them up.  Perhaps the new JAlbum embedded albums will speed things up.  The trouble with making these albums on the gardening page is that the garden is always evolving; so now I will be making albums for every year of the garden changes.  Its more than a challenge to keep up to my daydreams for my web page.  But it is surely fun.
There is an exhibit on Mammoths coming to the Museum from June to December this year!  I must improve my photography techniques for under the lights in the museum!

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