Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March 14th to 18th in the garden

 The apple tree in full bloom.  The tree is in full bloom now.  As we are having mid summer like weather there should be good pollination for a bountiful crop this Autumn.  We have eaten all of our apple sauce and need to buy apples from the grocery store to make sauce.  I like the selective focus to pick out the blooms in sharp focus.
 Using the long zoom of my Canon SX60 I could get a close look at the neighbors Easter Egg tree.  What a wonderful display with the tree in bloom, too.  This is the world's best Grampa.  He and Gramma constantly have things happening in their yard to entertain the grand children.  Soon it will be time for the water slides.
 The magnolia put on a good show.  It is now finished the show and is growing out its leaves.
 Closer magnolia blossoms
 this is a roof moss, out our dinning room window.
 More roof moss with mushrooms out this same window.  The mushrooms only lasted a couple of days.  I do not know what kind they are.  They look a bit like portobellos.
 We had a light frost over night on the 15th and the evidence shows on the water on top of the patio table.
 More ice art from March 16th.  Now a mere month later we are having record breaking hot temperatures of 24 and higher.
 A white hyacinth.  These flowers perfumed all around the garden where they were planted for about a month.  They are finished now.
 The daffodils did yeoman's duty around the garden and in bouquets for the past month and a half.
 The light pink hyacinths along the stepping stone path in the back garden.
Our view of the trail across the street from us is becoming screened off by the leaves on our front tree.  This sweet gum tree is late to open its leaves.  It turns to gorgeous colors in the autumn and holds its colors for a long time.  It shades the house in the heat of summer and lets the sun in while its winter.  The leaves add mulch to the woodland and around the front garden.  When I planted it about 23 or 24 years ago, I understood that the branch spread would be 10 feet.  They have spread to double that length.  So we have had to take off the branches that faced the house, but it still gives a good shady canopy and lots of color.  Trees are a precious commodity in our city gardens.  Some information on carbon dioxide absorbing capabilities of trees.  They beautify the neighborhood and improve the air quality.  

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