Saturday, April 09, 2016

March 1st - visit to the Museum No.,2

 This is the native plant garden at the Museum.
 A planter with what I believe is the native Ribes Sanguineum -- flowering current.  It is a a very attractive plant in bloom.  I must find one to buy for my woodland garden.
 This totem pole may be seen from the outside of the display window.
 Another of the totem poles outside on the museum grounds.
 A view of the conference center and the Empress Hotel from within the museum.
 A landmark totem display outside of the Museum.
 Another interesting totem pole.  Someday I must photo the plaques that I am sure must describe each pole.  When I was here on March 1st, it was cold, windy and raining.  I am glad to have got these results from outside.
 I like the museum in the background of this totem, but am not really happy about the tree.
This is a photo of the top of the legislative building.  This will eventually end up on my old web page, probably in several albums.  Perhaps on my "Look up, Victoria" album.

Since March 1st we have had a month of terrific weather.  The fruit trees are in bloom, the rockery plants, the primulas, and the tulips are the main show for this week.  

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