Wednesday, April 20, 2016

a busy mid March

 This mini cattleya orchid was open with 2 blossoms on March 22.  Today it just dropped the last of the blooms.  This is the name on the tag:  Pot.Lisa Taylor Gallis 'Nora" (Blc.California Girl x Sc. Beautort).  I had just repotted it before the buds opened, on March 8.
 This was a long reach for my Canon SX60, on March 23rd.  Since then I think I have managed to get the zoom to focus better.  The flickers are staying in our little woods and I hear them almost every day.  There must be a nest somewhere.
 Freyja and her Mom visited us on March 24 for a few hours.  She is a very active young lady of 3 years.  She is totally amazing.  She speaks in full sentences.  Chooses her own clothes and dresses herself.  She showed me all of her new teeth, too.  :)))
 Full moon of March 25th
 The anomemorella in bloom in the woodland beside the old garage.  Beautiful delicate flowers.
 Also along the woodland by the old garage, is the perennial forget me nots.  Lovely foliage.
 A view down the path between the old garage and the cedar hedge.  The bleeding heart is just beginning to bloom.  These plants are just now finishing there bloom period.  The path is covered with evergreen clippings and dried leaves, now.
 This is a plant combination for early Spring, being March 26 this year.  The arabis in white has a few blue scilla showing. When the arabis and scilla are finished blooming the iris will bloom and later in the autumn the shrub, Rose of Sharon, will be in flower.
The bulbs in bloom in front of the cedar hedge along our driveway, on March 26th.

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