Saturday, April 23, 2016

March 26 in the Garden

 The hyacinth fragrance was all of the garden.  This is the  back garden with several colors of them.
 This is a new lupine in the back garden.  I hope it blooms this year.  It is looking quite healthy.
 A mix of the hyacinths and the wind flowers (anemones) next to the stepping stones at the back.
 Some of the daffodils were still in bloom on March 26th.  All the plants were early this year due to our mild weather.

 Overlooking the grass that surrounds the apple tree towards the little rockery that borders the veggie/cutting garden.
 We see the pots... one of which contains the only milkweed plant that I know of, that survived the great transplant of the ones that germinated.  This one was actually a plant from the stuff Dave sent to me.  These milkweeds look a lot like foxgloves.  We will see if there are more of them actually surviving.
The rhubarb.  It is the most pathetic rhubarb I have ever seen.  The stocks are spindly and thin and are dying.  I have no idea what is wrong with it.  The strawberries surrounding it are doing great.

In the garden today I finished trimming the two boxwood hedges and the long honeysuckle hedge.  Then cleaned up under the hedges and mowed the grass borders, including the neighbors, 5 feet that is the border on the east side of my front garden.  :)  Now .. about 8:00 pm we are having a light rain.  Just in time to revive the trimmed plants and the new bits of boxwood I set into the honeysuckle hedge to repair it.  

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